it is a pain i could hardly recover.

yeah. im still crying. half year more already.
but im still crying like hell right now.

even i cry like hell, my heart is still as painful as before.

what did i do.

in fact i dun wanna hear any analysis.
who really cares about me, and my feelings.

im the most innocent one.

many lines lie in my heart.
only tears express.

but tears cant heal.

again, wth am i doing.

Some people love to work while some people do not.

Please do not challenge my lifestyle.
I believe, only me and God knows what I want and what I need.

That’s what we call respect.

life is really interesting

i really feel mixed when having 4sis dinner tonight
three years
how much have we changed these years
from outlook to deep in our heart
time shapes

sometimes i feel like we are walking in entirely different directions
sometimes i feel like im doing everything alone

thats life.

i felt sad i felt angry and now i feel good

true, if something doesn’t kill me, it only strengthens me

hold your dream and make it happen
fanyuyan, never regret, never please

recall my regular lifestyle .V.


勇敢了太久 城市充滿短暫的煙火 無處躲
照亮了沉默 明白是寂寞

不能說出口 那麼折磨




是我勇敢太久 決定

對 我在說你

對 我在說你


要努力讀書 認真靈修 上教會

陳碧琪我會好掛住你 :(((((((((

這陣子很忙 但也忙得很快樂

多得是 你不知道的事
不單是你 其實我也一樣

但我也知道 或許都是我誤會了

其實我們都懂 只是想給彼此多一點空間

說到底 我也只是想讓你知道有人在支持關心你


三年了 其實已經習慣了

把過錯讓她去背著 那是不對的



告訴自己 偶爾要隨性一點


我發現自己習慣了 也忘掉了

513A 范如茵 經濟及工商管理學院 二年級

I am a current student born in 1992.
It is a mixed feeling that I can hardly explain.

I just love every group I belong to and I am born this way.
Love and Peace, that what I want, always.

After Orientation, there are really endless follow-ups
but I gonna solve them and tackle them, with my faith.

How much I love this place and people here.

Suddenly miss the time we work and fight together.
Miss Yip Wan Yin so much 😦

If you really know me, you can see how weak I am indeed.
Or maybe I am too good at hiding myself.

Grass Chan I will miss you loads and loads 😦

Wish I can meet Wainoi as soon as possible.
I was impressed, as Jovita said, there is something which you can only do in Wainoi.

Be real and be yourself.

That’s why I treasure these 11 guys damn much.